Apply for a Medical Library Proxy Account

Complete the Web application form to receive a personal password for the medical proxy server. Medical Library staff will verify your affiliation and may contact you by email if further information is required. Anyone with a or email address is required to use that address when applying. Applicants without a university or hospital email account should use an email address that is monitored on a regular basis.

If you qualify for access, a password will be sent to the email address you provide below. The password is for you only and should not be shared with others. If fellow students or colleagues are interested in proxy server access, they must apply for their own personal account.

Full name:
Only letters, commas, dashes, periods and apostraphes are allowed.
Email address:
You MUST use a or email address if you have one.
Please select according to your primary affiliation.
Appointment type:
e.g. "Medical Student, "OBGYN resident" or "Associate Professor in Neurology"
Only letters and spaces are allowed, 50 characters maximum..

If you have problems or questions, contact the Clinical Librarian Team in the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library.